JobDesc Modules

Performance Appraisal Management


Automate and manage the Performance Appraisal workflow

Appraisal Module

Streamline Appraisals

The JobDesc Performance Appraisal module requires and extends the Job Description module. Appraisals can be initiated individually or in groups, e.g. by department or branch, or by occupation. The Appraisal process is managed by JobDesc’s efficient and configurable workflow processes.



Flexible, Fully Adaptable System

We recognise that every employer is unique, and has unique performance appraisal management requirements. JobDesc Performance Appraisal Management is very flexible, and can be configured to meet every need. 

Key Responsibility Areas

Categorise tasks into Key Responsibility Areas, each with a set of performance indicators.

Key Performance Indicators

Easily add Key Performance Indicators to job descriptions using our database of competencies, presorted into Competency Groups, and each with a set of indicators.

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