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Take the pain out of writing Job Descriptions.

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JDC Module

No Sweat Job Descriptions

The JobDesc Job Descriptions Generator is highly configurable, to allow you to tailor job descriptions to your exact requirements.

 The system has moved away from the conventional desktop application, and runs on a cloud server.

This allows your organisation to use the application without the need of expensive servers.

The system is hosted on a fully independent server, incorporating industry standard encryption to protect your organisation. Each client is provided with their own private database to enhance security and reliability.



Job Descriptions Database

The JobDesc job descriptions database contains over 2,000 occupations with more than 8,000 job titles. There are over 20,000 tasks, allocated to job titles, making creating a job description a breeze. 

Fully Customisable Job Descriptions

On request, clients may specify additional data that they wish to import from their independent HR package, for example importing of employment records, custom tasks & competencies. An additional fee may be levied for this service

Legally Compliant Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions generated by the system are fully compliant with labour law, and can be a useful tool in cases of worker disputes. 

Video Demonstration

See how quick and easy it is to create a job description using JobDesc

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