A Groundbreaking Concept to Facilitate Employment For Candidates And Companies Via Video

Durban, KwaZulu Natal: Today, First Interview launched a brand-new portal aimed at putting job seekers in front of employers – without actually putting them in front of each other! Job hunters simply upload a two-minute video introducing themselves to prospective employers – who can then view the video at their leisure. This short-cuts the entire recruitment process by cutting out time-consuming CV-sifting and initial screening.

If employers like what they see and hear on the video, they can contact the job hunter via the portal, requesting their CV and personal details. Candidates have no idea who has viewed their profiles, and have no access to employer contact details, making the entire process confidential and secure.  First Interview founder, Angelique Laaks, says, “Our portal is free for both job seekers and employers. It’s simple and easy to use, and it’s local. Most importantly, however, it allows employers to ‘meet’ the job seekers in two minutes – without having to scan through CVs, set interview times, schedule time with HR, and so on. It’s also easier for job seekers, as they don’t have to take time off work, or arrange transport to and from screening interviews.”

The whole idea behind First Interview is that it helps prospective employers get a feel for who a candidate actually is – something that’s hard to gauge from a personality-free, one-dimensional CV. The portal is highly beneficial for all job seekers, but particularly for new graduates, and those looking for front-line positions in the customer service, hospitality and retail sectors. These are candidates who are hired for who they are – their personality and how they present themselves – and is more important than a list of qualifications on a CV.

About First Interview

First Interview is a free portal that provides the missing link in the recruitment process by changing the selection procedure and allowing employers to meet candidates first via a short, pre-recorded introductory video. It makes the recruitment process faster, easier and cheaper for both parties, and gives employers and candidates a better chance of finding each other. First Interview is not a recruitment company, so it doesn’t charge fees or commissions. Nor does it guarantee placements. For more, visit www.firstinterview.co.za

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